Keeping your carpets clean if you have pets

It can be a little hard to keep the carpet clean all the time when you have pets in your home. Cats tend to be cleaner than dogs because they are indoor animals, but they will shed and spread pet dander, and this is why it is important to vacuum on a regular basis, with two times a week being the ideal. When choosing a carpet, always go with carpets with a medium tone and has few colors because it is going to hide some pet dirt. Below are some tips that will go a long way in helping you keep the carpet clean when you have pets.

Buying a Stain Resistant Carpet

This is the best option to go with if you are able. This is a great option for people who are looking to replace their carpeting or wishing to carpet a tile or wood floor. You will notice that this carpet tends to be a little pricier when compared to normal carpets, but it is going to last you a long period of time.

There is a protective layer that is applied to the fibers. It can also withstand being vacuumed, steam-cleaned and spills and this is why it doesn’t need scotch guarding practices.

Scotch Guarding Non-Stain Resistant Carpet

If your carpet is a couple of years old, then you should consider getting it scotch-guarded. This is going to add a protective layer to your carpet. You will need to have it done again after some time because you want the fibers to keep their structure and will also help in protecting the carpet from additional stains. You should have it done professionally because you are sure every fiber is going to be treated. If you do it yourself then miss a stain, the fibers that don’t get treated will stain. You will have a hard time removing stains that have gone through the scotch guarding.

Cleaning Pet Urine

One problem that many pet owners dread is cleaning pet urine. You have to catch it quickly if you want to get urine spots out of your carpet. Start by getting many paper towels then stepping on them a couple of times with your shoes on. Doing this will help in pulling up the urine without spreading it.

Repeat this until the paper towels are almost dry every time you step on it. Take a teaspoon of ammonia and one cup of water then mix them. Spray this on the stained area then leave it for about five months. Take a stiff brush then use it to make circular motions starting from the inside of the affected spot then outwards. Use a wet/dry vacuum for the rest of the area.

Keep the Nails of your Pet Trimmed

Pets that have long nails can damage your carpet. A pet can easily snag the strands of materials when they get excited and start scooting across or running around the carpet. Over time, it is going to result in leave spots that are bare, and your carpet is going to look less fluffy in some areas. You should use a pet nail file when trimming the nails of your pet.

Vacuuming Twice Per Week

There is danger created, even for pets that do not shed a lot. This can lead to weighing down the carpet and also odor. This is why it is important to vacuum two times a week. One should be a thorough cleaning where you move furniture. Pet dander and hair easily travel, and this means it can get to carpet areas under the furniture.

Keeping your carpet clean be a challenge when you have pets, but the above tips will go a long way.