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Upholstery Cleaning

Customized Upholstery Cleaning in Edison NJ

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Upholstery cleaning in Edison has become a specialized art as couches and other pieces of furniture are covered with increasingly diverse kinds of materials. This means that they stain different and wear different than materials that have been used traditionally in the past. Hopefully, your couches and other fabric covered furniture are cleanable, which is what our expert technicians will determine before they start cleaning.

Carpet Cleaning Pros of Edison will not attempt upholstery cleaning if the fabrics covering your furniture will lose their dye or otherwise get damaged during the upholstery cleaning process. A color fastness test is the first step we take as upholstery cleaning professionals.

If your furniture is able to be cleaned, the next step is to remove any obvious dirt out of the crevices with a professional strength vacuum.  Next, a Carpet Cleaning Pros of Edison technician will apply a dry cleaning solution that will break down the build up of human oils and other dirt that will be present on your furniture’s upholstery.  The build-up of human oils is the number one factor that makes your upholstery look dingy. Ground in human oil is extremely difficult to get out of upholstery fabric and also the reason why home treatments don’t work on furniture.

Dry cleaning solutions will also kill bacteria and other germs that live in the upholstery covering your furniture and will help with the removal of dirt during the extraction process. A water extraction process similar to the steam cleaning of your carpets is used to apply hot water to the fabric which is then extracted at the same time. The dirty water and soap is removed through a hose to our truck mounted equipment parked outside your home.

A truck mounted service is recommended because it is self-contained and removes all water and dirt out to the truck and away from your home. As well, with this type of upholstery cleaning available in Edison, your furniture will dry in a matter of hours and be ready to use, although we recommend that you wait overnight so that it is completely dry. If you have your air conditioning running during your upholstery cleaning it will dry even faster.

Our upholstery cleaning can also include a protection treatment of the furniture upholstery afterwards to help prevent bacteria and staining until you decide to clean your upholstery again. Carpet Cleaning Pros of Edison can also clean drapes and area rugs at your home while we do your furniture, or take them back to our facility.

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