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Is My Carpet Really Dirty?

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Most people think carpet cleaning is something that needs to be done once every few years. Some people only clean their carpets when they are trying to sell their home or when they are planning a big event.

And when they do decide to clean their carpets, many people will attempt to do it themselves. If you’re in the middle of nowhere, this might be your only choice, but the truth is, a carpet cleaning should always be done by a professional.

The reason for this is because doing it yourself can leave more dirt, residue from the cleaning solutions, and more water in your carpet than when you began.

Your carpets and rugs are already teaming with dust, odors, bacteria, dirt, hair, mites, stains, food particles from your favorite aunt or one of your kids, powders you’ve poured on to freshen them when an unexpected visitor drops by, or pet urine, and even possibly mold. And even if it is not visible, any one of these elements could be considered toxic, especially if you are sensitive to begin with.

Vacuuming is not enough because even top of the line vacuum cleaners available in the marketplace only pick up particles and dirt. Vacuums are not effective against stains, foods, dirt from pets, dirt from ground-in foot traffic, bugs, and over time dirt that is not removed makes your carpets look old and filthy.

Carpet Cleaning Pros of Edison Can Save Your Carpets

Carpets in homes that are full of people and pets need to be thoroughly cleaned every six months or so. This is especially important in homes with new carpets because it doing so will increase the life of your carpet. And having your carpet professionally cleaned gets out not only all the dirt and stains you can see, but also the dust, mites, and bacteria that you can’t.

Getting carpets clean is best accomplished by steam cleaning (Carpet Cleaning Pros of Edison also offer dry cleaning). A critical component of steam cleaning is to prepare the carpet before cleaning it. Afterwards, it is also critical to remove all of the water and detergent, otherwise, the carpet will not only trap dirt, but it will decay and disintegrate more rapidly.

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The Carpet Cleaning Pros of Edison Difference

The major difference between Carpet Cleaning Pros of Edison and other Edison cleaners is that we complete the job from start to finish. The steps we follow are what set us apart from all the other rug cleaning companies.

First, the carpet needs to be vacuumed – by us, not you! We will vacuum your carpets with our industrial strength machines which pick up dirt left behind by vacuums designed for consumer use, also known as your vacuum!

Next, Carpet Cleaning Pros of Edison will precondition your carpeting. This means we will apply cleaning agents, agitating them to insure they reach deep into your carpet so that more dirt can be removed during the actual cleaning process. We offer a variety of cleaning agents depending on the condition of your rugs, accounting for whether stains are present, if there are pets and children, and also in consideration for whether anyone in the home has allergies.

Then, it is time to clean the carpet. This process shoots a pressurized combination of fluid that is at the same time sucked back into the holding tank of the vacuum. It is not really steam cleaning, but rather a system of hot water extraction that takes place. Further, we use a higher temperature of water, which helps break down dirt even further, and our system also provides enough suction to remove all the dirt, water, fluids, and humid air right out of your house.

This leaves the final step – a grooming process to make sure the carpet dries.

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